Basic Ways on How to Protect Windows XP from Virus Attacks

Basic tips on how to protect windows XP from virus attacks. There are lots of ways how to protect Windows-XP from virus attack. What one needs is just the patience and basic knowledge on the security measures that should be observed.

This is to prevent attacks or, worst, eventual system crash to your computer. Knowing the basic measures will help you understand how important it is to have anti-virus system. And this can only be achieved if one knows how to protect Windows-XP from virus attacks. Windows XP has been one of the most preferred Operating System (OS) by many.

In fact, many users praise its user-friendliness and accessibility. What gives Windows XP an edge over other OS is that users do not have a hard time installing software and hardware to the computer.

It can basically recommend installation tips for certain hardware. This is very ideal for heavy users of the USB ports. Along this easy access are also some tips on how to protect Windows-XP from virus attacks. These attacks do not only come through online access but also through the use of multiple external drives.

The following are some basic tips on how to protect Windows XP from virus attacks:

- Above everything else, always have anti-virus system in your computer. Some people tend to overlook this important thing. One of the best way on how to protect Windows-XP from virus attacks is to have a highly reliable anti-virus program. And this does not only stop here. Always update your anti-virus system.

- Be wary on external USB flash disks that get into your computer. Although this what makes Windows XP ideal, it is still better to scan first the flash disks before downloading files from it.

This is one of the most recommended ways on how to protect Windows-XP from virus attacks. If you already have anti-virus program installed, the program will just immediately scan the drive upon inserting it to the USB port.

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