Custom Building a Water Cooled Computer

How to custom building a water cooled computer made easy. A computer's water cooling system works just like a car's water cooling system.

This is because the two of them uses the basic principles of thermodynamic. Custom building of a water cooled computer requires one to take several steps. These steps are as follows;

  • Choosing the motherboard: Make sure you choose a motherboard that has been used by other people or the one that experts approve. Make sure it is compatible with latest and upcoming CPUs for the sake of future usage.

    Make sure that the motherboard is from a company with reputable record of producing high quality water cooling motherboards. It should be made with blocks for cooling the motherboard chips and those surrounding the CPU.

  • Graphics: Choosing the graphics is a very important step. The chosen graphic card should be able to offer the power you want to do anything you want to have done. Also, make sure you leave some room for expansion in case you need more applications later.

  • Cases: Get a case that will give you expansive space to insert any gadget that is related to your computer. A case that can allow even plumbing of your system's internal parts.

Custom building a cooled water computer requires installation of fluid filter inside the case. This may also require opening of a hole on faceplate and chassis structure. After installing the motherboard on its place, you should then ran the tubes from this hole on the case to your filter.

This should extend outward through all blocks on your computer's motherboard. You should also install a device for measuring the temperatures. This should be connected to sensors such as thermocouple and sensors of water temperatures. A reservoir or radiator is also necessary for cooling the water that is flowing out of the system.

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