Building an i7 PC

Building an i7 PC is the next great revolution in the world of gaming. The chip for i7 is now in the market and it comes with an entire realm of gaming.

Building an i7 computer is what your computer need for complete transformation. will make it a fantastic computer with new benchmarking standards. However, there are certain things you need to know when building an i7 Pc for your personal computer.

Guides in building an i7 PC

  • Get an Intel Core i7 processor if you intend to get a set of i7 chip. This is because it is the best value and cheaper than others.

  • Ensure that you have a power supply with enough juice. This is important for keeping your components well fueled.

  • Having a new motherboard installed in your pc is simple if your pc has a windows vista. This is easier from the perspective of the operating system

  • After having the motherboard connected and things fired up, you will need to put windows disk into the drive. Then press F8 as it boot up and select boot from the windows DVD. Allow the windows to load the drivers.

  • When the option of installation and repair appear, select repair.

  • During your first booting, you will realize that windows will be a bit slow in loading drivers for other drivers of the new chip.

  • When you have everything ready, remove the motherboard. This should be easier with the latest cases that have a logical layout. This enables you to install the motherboard easily.

  • Once you are done with removing the motherboard, you can now install the chip for i7 pc. Then install the ram. This should be followed by addition of a cooler that you might have chosen to use. This should be followed by a thin layer of thermal compound application.

  • After adding the ram, install the new motherboard. Then ensure that cables are routed at their right place.

  • Boot from the bios. Press Delete as the computer boot and ensure that all disk drives and hand drives appear with bios as their location. Make sure that your the chip is recognized. You should not have problem with the showing up of chip set with the new i7.

After this you can now repair your system using the windows CD following the procedure described earlier. This will leave you ready for serious gaming, editing your video, or anything else you may want.

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