Custom Building a Mini PC

How to custom building a mini PC is easy. Mini computers provide a great functionality of desktops and aesthetic minimalism. These computers have more options for customization than any laptop model. They are popular as excellent gaming computers with portable LAN.

They are a great option for people restricted in one area or for use as home theater. There are many mini computers in the market to day. However, many customers want mini personal computers made to meet their specific needs. This is why customization of mini computers has become very important these days.

Custom building a mini pc requires you to have some knowledge about computers. You can follow the following steps:

  • Open your Mini pc carefully and ensure that you have removed all the screws to avoid causing damage to it. Once you have done this, take stock of different sockets and slots of your mini pc. Make sure that all objects and fingers that can cause damage to your pc are kept away completely.

  • Install your new processor: You will do this by lifting the arm that is found on the socket of the CPU. Then remove the snap that covers the CPU chips with extreme care. Make sure that all the corresponding notches and slots are matched correctly.

  • Install the wireless adapter. Here, you will have to contend with wires that connect the motherboard. Then plug your card into the clot of mini pc. Ensure that you know the origin of various wires and where they go. This will ensure that you come up with a mini pc that is functioning efficiently and properly.

  • Install the graphic card: Here you will be required to find baggie with two small screws and three larger ones. Make sure that the card is held at approximately 30 degrees.

  • Drive set up: Ensure that you drive is set up properly.

  • Increase the memory: You may choose to increase the memory by adding SODIMM memory board. This should be last component you install in your mini pc.

This will give you a mini pc that will be more efficient and with more personalized features than the ordinary desktops.

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