How To Build Quiet Computer

Build quiet computer guide. You just purchased a new computer and you are enjoying every bit of it. The computer is equipped with all the latest upgrades in the market such as hard drives, a faster video card, CPU and installed with top notch sound cards, with speakers loud enough for the neighbor to hear and a RAM with large space.

While being taken by your new computer, you notice that the PC is emitting noise that is incredibly loud. This is because the computer is trying to cool and is the cause of the noise. The CPU and the video card may sometimes heat up and they require a lot of cooling to continue doing their work.

Plus the hard drives spin full time above 7200 RPM and the power supply which have fans spin all the time adding to the noise. This noise can be frustrating because some times it interrupts your concentration or not being able to enjoy listening to a movie, music or any thing that has sound to it.

This problem leaves many computer owners wondering if there is any product out there that can solve this noise issue. The great news is that there is a solution and it lies with identifying where the noise is coming from in the computer.

Once you establish this, you can start tackling the noise separately from the different sources. Below are some of the components that produce noise in a computer and the solutions for them.


This is one of the components that produces the loudest noise. The higher the computer speed, the higher the need for bigger coolers and the CPU fan is the one that does the cooling through moving air.

The solution is to use a completely fan less Cooler. This enables you to have a completely noiseless computer. Video Cards use a lot of power daily and you can not do without them for graphics and to watch video.

You can either choose a video card for top gaming graphics that requires more cooling, thereby producing more noise or OEM for moderate performance that is silent. Zalman's Coolers for video cards are the best bet if you want to build quiet computer with a silent video cards.

Power Supply

An easy way to know if your power supply is of good quality is to measure how heavy it is. The heavier it is the better.

But this is not the only option of judging the power supply. One of the silent power supplies is the Enermax Eco80.

Case Fans

To have a computer that is free of noise purchase a compact case that has numerous ventilation spots. The better the ventilation the cooler it will be inside the computer, therefore it will be much quieter

Hard drives are another cause for noise from the PC. But recent developments have resulted in hard drives that are completely silent. One of these hard drives is the Intel X25-M. It may be a bit expensive but it is value for money. Apart from being silent it is faster compared to mechanical drives.

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