Phantom PC OC

The first time you look at the components of your Phantom PC OC, the task ahead looks difficult; however, help is at hand.

Configuring your very own Phantom PC OC

For starters, ensure you have the necessary set up - multipliers like the CPU, hard drives, the memory etc. Also, ensure that the stated voltage is in operation

  • CPU-1.25v
  • RAM-1.65v
  • Uncore - 1.45v

The Process of setting up your phantom OC PC is as follows:

  • First, set the CPU at the appropriate voltage; for the American market set your voltage at 1.5V whilst for a commonwealth market set the voltage at the standard 2.5 V or as recommended by your energy provider. Affix a CPU fan, the fan keeps the CPU from overheating

  • Select your motherboard with your needs guiding you. For anyone under a tight budget, the ASUS Maximus Gene Z or the ASUS P8Z68 is highly recommended.

  • On the CPU, affix the RAM. Your RAM is meant to run at 2000 MHz, however your over clocks may indicate that your RAM may run way over the 2000Mhz mark.

In such a case experts recommend that you have to set down your RAM to 1600 MHz. Remember to keep the RAM at its stated voltage, a deviation in either way will cause a lagging in performance.

In the same breath, add other hard drives that you may need, whilst doing this do not overload your system- have one eye on the cap place on the voltage.

For the phantom PC, it is recommended that you use an Intel Dual Core as the hard drive. The voltage of this should not exceed the stated voltage of 1.25V.

Lastly, install your software and all drivers you may require and you have your very own Phantom OC. In case of troubleshooting, seek guidance from the web on sites such as PC World. All the best configuring your very own Phantom OC PC.

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