Keeping Your Computer Cool

Keeping your computer cool is made easy. A computer has many functional parts which generate heat every time your computer is on. These include the CPU, Graphic card, and many others. Several fans installed in a computer that has the right configurations get rid of much of this heat.

In case the computer is not configured well, this heat can damage your computer. As such, keeping your PC computer cool should be taken seriously for it durability and efficiency. The following are some of the best ways to keep your computer system cool:

Keeping Your Computer Cool tips Guidelines

  • Ensure your computer case is always closed: This is very important because it prevent dirt from clogging the fans of your computer. This way, the fans are able to function efficiently. However, there are people who think that opening the case will let in fresh air cooling their computer system. This may function for a while but fail later when dirt and debris clog the fans.
  • Keep the computer clean: Dirt and debris entering your computer slows down the speed of the computer fans. Fans are there to cool your computer system. Therefore, cleaning internal fans of your computer is very crucial to efficient cooling of your computer. Cleaning of the fans should be done using canned air when the computer is off.
  • Keep your computer in a cool place: In case the place where you keep your computer is too hot and there is a place that is cooler in the same room, then you can move it there. However, this place should be clean and the process of moving the computer should be done with care. Moving the computer can cause damage to internal parts if not done with care. Ensure that all plugged in parts are unplugged before moving the computer. Pay much attention to the computer case which holds many parts of your computer to avoid damage on them.

In case these do not work with your computer, you can try replacing your computer fans or install component specific fans in your computer.

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