How Fix ATX Power Supply Dead Fan

There are various things involved by the time the ATX power supply have failed. Some that lead to this failure where the fan stops rotating, the filter capacitors become bulge as result of heat accumulation in the power supply.

The ATX power supplies are compromised because the fan cannot fan out the heat that is being generated by the some of the computer components like the switch mode power transformer. There are various places that you may need to look out for especially when determining where the source of the power supply failure is coming from which are:

  • After verifying the functional capacities of the fan there is also another source of heat which is the heat sinks with output diodes that are normally attached to the heat sink. These diodes are normally overheated in comparison to other filter circuits as a result of the intense currents in the secondary output line.
  • Therefore, you may need to use the Phillips oil which is a based contact cleaner that is normally used for servicing the fans. The main aim of the oil is to lubricate the fan since the fan is likely to run dry after being used for a considerable amount of time resulting the failure of the ATX power supplies. Therefore, after lubricating the fan by spraying the back plastic cap of your fan return it and try to see if works. There are times the fan will regain its full functions and there are at times when it fails to do so therefore should the fan fail to operate you may have to consider getting a new fan.
  • There are also other precautions that you will need to bear in mind as far as the functioning of ATX power supplies is concerned. At times, there is a glue that is normally used to stick the components to the ATX power supply with the aim of holding them together during transportation.

    However, the glue results to being a conductive material in the computer resulting to corrosion of the components pins thus leading the complete failure of the fan.

  • In the event the glue is main cause of the fan failure then try scrapping it off using a blunt object and a thinner solution that will be used as cleaner for the printed circuit board. Then you can try checking if the fan is functional.

    However, it should be noted that some of the components to check for some of these malfunctions are just but a few considering the number of components in the ATX power supplies since some are too many and at times, the spare parts are barely in the IT markets.

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