All You Need To Know About Anonymous Proxy

What is anonymous proxy? There are three main types of internet proxy servers. These are:

  • Transparent proxy

  • Anonymous proxy and

  • Elite proxy

All the three types named above work differently, and have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article focuses on anonymous-proxy servers.

An anonymous-proxy works by not transferring information on your IP address. You are actually like a ghost on the internet, which means people will not know where you are located.

As such, hackers cannot actually make illegal transactions with you or even play tricks to use of your personal data in any setting. People who use such servers are rarely victims of identity theft.

There are times when you may be required to use anonymous-proxy. For instance, when using mobile WAP internet, you are required to use these types of servers for the purposes of monitoring the users.

The big disadvantage of it is that the web sites you visit may know that you are hiding your IP, and depending on the context, they may require you to reveal more of your information.

Comparison between Different Proxy Servers

Anonymous-proxy server is beneficial in that it can help you achieve better speed in cases where you have had issues with internet connections. Though transparent proxy has the highest speed, you may not get the privacy features that come with the anonymous one. In actual sense, anonymous-proxy gives you average speed and average privacy options- better than what you get in an elite proxy.

The best thing about an anonymous-proxy is that it can be used for general purposes. This makes it more desirable than other types. Elite proxy can only be used for a particular purpose while transparent one has many restrictions in this regard.

Why You Should Choose Anonymous Proxy Server

Proxy servers are gateways to servers you may be requesting for. Choosing the best proxy option starts with considering the pros and cons of each of them. Various service providers will request you to reveal your needs before suggesting the best proxy for you. By going for anonymous-proxy, you will be gaining:

  • Average speed

  • Average privacy

  • Suitable for most tasks

Your only disadvantage will be that the proxy usage will be revealed in some instances, which may not act in your best interests. Nevertheless, considering the advantages above, this proxy is suitable for a majority of clients.

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