Building vs Buying a Personal Computer

Advantages and disadvantages of building vs buying a personal computer. Many people are confused as whether to spend money buying a new computer, or build one for themselves.

Regardless of whether you are a buying or building your computer, there are merits and demerits in each. Among the advantages that have being attributed to building a computer is that, it enables one to select the parts that will lead to one building the computer system of their choice.

This is opposed to when you are buying a computer from a store. This is due to the fact that, the computers that are bought from stores come with parts and components that have already being installed. Apparently, this means that such computer many have certain parts that one might not be interested in.

The other advantage of building vs buying a personal computer that is probably among the reasons as to why many people are now opting to building computers rather than buying them, is that building a computer enables one to get more knowledge on computers and their different parts.

Whenever one is building their computer using different parts, there are able to learn about these parts and how they work. In addition to acquiring knowledge on computers while building a computer, one is also able to repair their computer with less difficulty whenever it develops some problems.

This is as opposed to buying a new computer, since the computer come with all the parts installed. Therefore, this means that one is not in a position to learn how the parts of such a computer are working.

In addition to not getting knowledge on how computers work, one can never learn on how to repair newly bought computers once they develop mechanical problems.

However, even though building a computer has several advantages, it also has its own disadvantages too. Among these shortcomings of building a computer is that one lacks the support organization.

This is evident from the fact that, different parts of the computers that are used for building a computer might come from different manufacturers. This therefore means that, one will have problems in telling which part of the computer has a problem.

Apparently, this is quiet different with buying a computer, thanks to the understanding that in case the computer develops some problems one can deal with the manufacturer of the computer. Buying a computer therefore guarantees one of warranty in case the computer breaks down.

The other demerits that are attributed to building a computer is the cost incurred. It is apparent that it will be relatively expensive to build a computer, as compared to when one is purchasing a new computer.

This is explainable from the fact that, while building a computer, one might be forced to buy bulk computer parts that might end up resorting to one parting with a huge amount of money. Moreover, building a computer entails purchasing different types of software and systems which are in deed expensive as compared to the cost incurred if would have bought a new computer.

The other top disadvantage of building vs buying a personal computer is that, it requires a lot expertise and vast experience in computers. Apparently, not everyone has all that it takes to build a computer from start to the end. This therefore means that, they will have to seek the services of computer experts in order to have their computer built at a fee.

In addition to demanding vast experience in computers, building a computer also takes a considerable amount of time in order for the computer to be operational.

Therefore, one should not expect to build a computer in one day and use it the other day. Apart from these merits and demerits of building and buying a computer, there are also others that cannot be exhausted in this article.

However, the decision on whether to build or buy a new computer will to a large extent be influenced by individual choice.

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