Computer Terminology Guide

Something to remember in the computer terminology guide. The vastness of the computer world makes it quite difficult to zoom into specific terminology computer guide.The following, however, are some basic terms that are usually being encountered in computer-related concerns:

1. CPU - also known as the Central Processing Unit, the CPU is where the "life-and-blood" of the computer belongs. It houses the most important parts of the computer. If the CPU crashes, the entire system is down. When buying the PC, there is also the System Recovery Disc that goes with it. It helps in restoring the system just in case the PC crashes.

2. blue screen of death - this is an occurrence in the computer system during system crashed.

Mostly caused by virus attacks, the blue screen of death should not be something to be scared about. Although the major system recovery can be done through reformatting, it is best for PC users to have updated anti-virus system. This is a common term found in any computer terminology guide.

3. troubleshoots - these are the typical errors found in the software and hardware of the PC. Some troubleshoots need minor "treatments" while some involve extensive application. This term can be found in any terminology computer guide since troubleshooting is an ordinary part of a PC user's life.

4. Wi-Fi - Also known as Wireless Fidelity, this kind of application paves way to networking via "wireless." By just identifying some online signals in a specific given range, one can get into already with someone else's PC. This is also something not new in the terminology computer guide.

5. Virtualized desktop - A newcomer in the terminology computer guide, the virtualized desktop enables PC users to be flexible in the kind of operating system (OS) they want to have in their PCs. In virtualized desktop, one can have the Windows 7 OS for today and can have the Linux for the next day. The OS can be changed upon during the reboots of the PC.

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