Custom Building Your Own Compaq Laptop

How to custom building your own compaq laptop is the best. Many people incur a lot of expenses as they hire professionals to custom build their laptop.

This should not be the case because with the necessary information, custom building your own Compaq laptop should be fun, rewarding and educational. However, just like with other projects you choose to do for yourself, you will need certain skills, resources and tools. What you need

  • Reading and writing skills
  • Have knowledge of basic math
  • have some basic hand tools
  • Have a clean working place
  • Basic computer parts
  • Have a well-planned working place.
  • Have the parts on which to build your computer.

When you start custom building your own Compaq laptop you need to follow the following steps;

  • Open the case. Ensure that you do this carefully to ensure that you have removed all the screws to avoid damaging it. Once you have this off, you can now take stock of different slots and sockets.

Ensure that you keep objects and fingers away from the motherboard. This is because the motherboard is unprotected and bending any of the little pins will have you create a useless laptop.

  • Install the processor: This will require you to lift the small arm on the CPU sockets. With extreme care, remove the snap covering the chip of the CPU. Ensure that corresponding notches and sockets match properly.

Install your wireless adapter. Contend with the wires connecting the motherboard, plug the card into mini Pcle slot. Make sure you know where various wires come from and where they go so that you can have your laptop function properly and efficiently.

Install the video card: This will require you to find baggie with the three larger screws and other two small screws. Ensure that you hold the card at approximately 30 degrees.

  • Drive set up: Ensure that you have set up your drive properly.

  • Add more memory: Add SODIMM memory board as the last component you are installing in your laptop.

After this, you will now have custom built your Compaq laptop and what will be left is for you to assemble it. Find the screws that you had removed and replace them by sliding the door back. Pop in the battery for a notebook and connect power brick. You may now open the cover of your laptop.

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