File Transfer Between Computers

Direct file transfer between computers. One thing great in this digital age is the easy transfering file between computers. Gone are the days that we have to use floppy disks or even USB flash disks to save files from one computer to another.

Transfering file between computers are made possible through Local Area Network (LAN). All work stations under this network can send files to each other. With an in-house router and some cabling works, or Wi-Fi access, all of the computers can get connected with each other. You can send file to your officemate in an instant. You don't have to stand and hand over the documents.

Protecting Your File Transfer Between Computers

Aside from transfering files between computers, LAN enables computers to share certain hardware such as printers. This is cost-saving because companies need not provide printer to each computer station.

Twenty or more computers can have one printer. More so, you can print at the designated printer even you are at the remotest side of the office. There is one downside, though, in this easy transfering files between computers.

Because computer stations are now so open with each other, virus attacks can easily get into the system. If one computer is affected, there is a huge possibility that the other computers in the network will also be infected.

In this case, it is recommended to have a strong anti-virus program that will protect the computers from virus attacks. This will also enable the transfering files between computers to continue working without the worries of any system crash.

Meanwhile, it is also highly recommended for a team of people to oversee the networking. The group will maintain the smooth flow of transfer file between computers in the network.

They will also see to it that the computers will be protected from any virus attack. Also, they are the ones in-charge to educate the users within the network how to use the system as well as how to maintain a virus-free network neighborhood.

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