Fix My Computer

How to fix my computer repairing guide. Working with a computer helps to make life easier but there are times when it might have some problems which can be very frustrating and slow someone down.

Incase this happens; there are a few tricks and tips that one can use to help fix the machine so that it can work without any problems. The first thing that one is supposed to do is check whether the antivirus is working properly as this is usually one of the biggest problems that can affect the machine.

Make sure you upgrade it on a regular basis and only use high quality products that will give the machine the protection it needs. You can also check whether there are any files that are not being used on the machine as it could be loaded with unnecessary stuff that may be overloading it. Delete all the programs that are not being used to make room for new ones.

Fix My Computer Solution Guide

One also needs to subject the machine for registry cleaning as this also helps to ensure it performs well. Alternatively, one can create extra space by saving extra files on an external hardware that can be connected to the machine when one needs to work on them.

There are times when the systems fan makes a lot of noise which can be very distracting. There is no need to worry as one can fix my computer meaning fixing your own computer without having to call in a professional to sort you out.

The noise could be caused by a dirty fan that has too much dust on it. This makes it hard for the fan to carry out its duty effectively thus it has to put on more effort for cooling.

To get rid of the problem, one needs to clean the machine by blowing it off to make sure there are no particles that affect how the machine works. There are also many people who complain that the computer can reboot without any warning.

This can be solved by trying to reseat the CPU in the heat sink. Ensure a proper thermal gel is spread evenly between the processor and the heat sink. Failure to this leads to the development of uneven pockets which could be harmful to the machine.

It is also important to ensure the CPU is supported by the motherboard that has been installed. If the problem persists try and set the memory timing or over clock to see whether the problem will disappear.

If the optical drive starts running slowly, it is vital to note that there is usually no mechanical problem associated as it either works or it does not. This could mean that it is dirty and needs to be cleaned thoroughly to function properly.

A spray air is the most effective tool for the job and one is supposed to use it at an angle that will ensure the dust is expelled. Never use the can upside down as this will only put moisture on the drive. One is also not supposed to spray continuously as it is supposed to be done using short bursts.

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