Fixing IDE SATA Driver Error

Fixing IDE SATA driver error tips. Most of the old drivers used IDE hard drives while the most recent ones use SATA hard disks. Here we look at how to fix a driver with either an IDE or SATA hard disk. First, know which driver you have. You can do this by checking the connector types the driver came with.

IDE and SATA drivers have different types of data and power connectors. All SATA drives will have wider power cables and the data cables are usually smaller. The SATA power cables are also wider. This is unlike those used by IDE for power connection.

The data cables will usually consist of wide ribbons while the power cables will have black, red and yellow wire. It is not advisable to replace SATA drives as getting a new drive to replace an old one will usually end up having problems with the hard disk.

When you replace IDE drives with SATA drives, you should expect to encounter either of these two IDE/SATA problems. One, you are likely to have your system not recognizing the drives or the SATA drives powering up.

To fix the first IDE/SATA problem, you will be required to use a compatibility jumper which when used should make the drive to start working properly. To fix the second IDE/ SATA problem, you will be required to ensure that the cables are the right kind and that they are properly fitted to the motherboard or drive.

Other IDE/SATA hard drive problems are caused by one using a single data cable for more than one computer system and not properly separately them. Setting apart the computer system will solve this problem. One way to set apart computers using the same data cable is by making one the master and the slave.

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