How To Connect Two Computers One Monitor

The first step that is vital and central in the whole process of how to connect two computers one monitor, is acquiring a switch box that will establish the relevant connection that is needed.

The switch box should have unlimited number of ports where other monitors can be connected to the computer. The more the ports the better chances of having unlimited multi monitor connections.

Step by Step Guide On How To Connect Two Computers One Monitor

  • Several lines of super video graphics array are going to be needed too, and these always come with the switch box.

Adapters have to be there too because this is a multi connection that cannot use one power source.

  • The computers in question have to be both off, and the SVGA lines or cables should link both of them to the switch box. The switch box has receptacle to power and this is what will power the dual computers.

  • The monitor should be properly set up to the Central processing units of the dual computers. Without a subtle connection, the computers will not use that one monitor at all.

  • After the set up process are complete, then the computers can be put on and the dual computer to one monitor will be fully functional.

Without a switch box then establishing a viable connection will not be easy at all. In fact, the main qualification is the switch box. The SVGA cables are pretty important too and it is always advisable to get the cables that are sold with the switch box. It is more convenient and less disappointing because the cables will be a perfect fit.

The thing with this type of computer situation is that the computers cannot both use the computer at the same time. While one is at the null state, the other computer can be easily used. It refutes the need of getting another monitor and yet the one monitor can serve both computers.

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