Installing a Motherboard

Installing a Motherboard to your pc system is usually one of the hardest and most difficult tasks that a person can go through when building a system. There are instances when seeking expertise help from computer experts is inevitable and that will cost you even more than expected.

However, you can save the costs of hiring an expert to do the work on your behalf by just knowing how to fit the motherboard on your own which is cheaper than hiring skilled labor. For that reason, this step by step procedure will give you an important guide of how to accomplish that and which will be very helpful to any person when building a PC system.

Installing A Motherboard Easy Steps

  • Unpack the motherboard from its original bag once the pc case and other fixing equipment are ready. Remember that it is very delicate and can break easily in case of a fall therefore never get it out of the pack when not being used to avoid it from suffering damages.
  • Get the manual and read through it to get a rough idea of what the fitting process is all about and how to go about it. Countercheck keenly all of its details with the equipment supplied to ensure they are all available and in good working condition.
  • Fit the IO shield to the pc case so that it can match the connectors on the motherboard.
  • Using the small holes that have metal rings on several parts of the motherboard fix it to the interior of the pc case following the outlined instructions.
  • Find the corresponding points in the case and use them to fix the standoffs. This will allow you to screw the motherboard firmly in place and raise it about a half an inch off the metal mounting plate to prevent short-circuit from happening. With that, the motherboard will be ready to function with your pc.

There are however some precautions to observe when fitting the motherboard to a pc system. Ensure it is fitted in such a way that the mouse, Keyboard and all other hardwares are well accessible to the rear end of the case.

Likewise, its back part should never come into close contact with the metal case as it will cause damages in case a short-circuit occurs.

For it to work well with the pc system you will have to restart the system again and by following these steps then you will find fitting the motherboard to your pc very easy and simple.

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