Making a Recovery Disk

Guide on making a recovery disk. A few years ago, computer manufactures used to ship recovery disks along with the new computers. This was done in a way that whenever you bought a new computer you were automatically given a recovery disk too.

Global recession and inflation have forced companies to look for ways of cutting costs. One of them was to quit shipping recovery disks along with the computer and instead embed it within the computer hard disk.

Making a Recovery Disk from Your Own PC

The expectation is that the buyer will create his own recovery disk immediately he starts using the computer but unfortunately, most consumers don't know about it until after the computer has crashed.

All computers come with a small partition on the hard drive that contains data that you can use to restore the computer to exactly the way it was when you first switched it on.

The partition is usually named recovery, restore or words to that effect. It is a very wise idea that once you buy a new computer create a couple of recovery disks and store them somewhere safe where you can be sure to find them if need be.

In case you don't make your own recovery disks and the computer crashes it can be very costly to repair it. Windows XP and Windows Vista come with a program to create the recovery disks.

If you are using a dell computer go to start, then to all programs, dell accessories and then click on Dell OS recovery CD. In case you are using HP, clicks on start menu, then all programs, go to PC help and tools then Recovery Disk creation.

The recovery disk does not store any personal data so you will have to back up your personal data somewhere else. Recovery disk only restores the computer to the factory defaults as it was when you first purchased it.

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