Motherboard Beep Codes Solution

Motherboard beep codes are what are used by the computer bios when it encounters a problem during the post and it shall send some reports on the initial system errors.

Beep codes are the beeping noise that you hear when you turn on your computer and this will typically mean that your computer system has some errors in it before it is able to fully display the information on your monitor.

Trouble shooting guide for the Motherboard Beep Codes

If you suspect that your computer has motherboard- beep codes then you have to follow this simple troubleshooting guide to get to the root of the problem. For you to start the process of trouble shooting for the motherboard-beep codes you first have to switch on the computer. If the computer is already on then you have to restart it.

Then you have to listen attentively to the beep codes sounds just when your computer boots or reboots. If you don't adequately hear the sounds you can switch off your computer and have it stay off for a little while.

Or if not you can keep restarting your computer till you can adequately get to hear them. You won't likely make the problem worse by having your computer restarted a few more times. You have to write down on the beep sounds that you hear and how they follow each other. Just pay a bit more attention to the number of beeps that it has.

This is relatively important as the number of beeps represent the kind of problem the motherboard is trying to relay. The steps that you take to solve the problem will depend on the bios manufacturer of your motherboard. You are to choose from the three trouble shooting guides that include the AI beep code, Award beep code or Phoenix beep code trouble shooting.

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