Motherboard Replacement

Motherboard replacement intruction tips. Some of the easiest things you can do on your computer include replacement and installation of computer parts.

For tasks like replacing your PC motherboard, you do not need expert services because there are step by step guides to help you do it yourself.

These come with the computer manuals or you can get them from computer stores and articles online. The steps should be simple, detailed enough and clear for any one to understand.

Motherboard Replacement Instructions Steps

To get the steps, you need to know the computer parts to be assembled and these include a computer case, CPU, motherboard, power supply cables, data cables for CD/DVD-ROM and RAM. These are basic computer parts that you will disassemble as follows:

  • Having switched off your computer, unscrew the supporting case
  • Lay the open computer case with the mother board facing up
  • Disconnect the four pin power cable behind the supply area near the CPU
  • Disconnect data cables connected to the motherboard
  • Unplug the thin LED reset and power cables at the bottom of the mother board
  • Place the computer upright and unscrew the old motherboard from the case
  • Slide the replacement new motherboard back and screw back the bolts following the procedures you used to disconnect
  • Install CPU and RAM and replace the case and screws

These are simple easy to follow steps to upgrade your computer system. Different computer models have their motherboards positioned differently but the idea is to know how to disconnect the cables and screws and replacing the new motherboard.

On line videos offer practical suggestions on how to replace these according to the kind of computer version you have. In the process of removing the screws, you need to keep each screw away safely so that you do not loose any. Some computers require pasting the motherboard with special paste. Getting to know your computer design will help a lot.

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