PC Boot Up

PC Boot Up, It is important to learn how to go about solving PC booting up threats step by steps by using a simple guide. This is because in case your PC boot up process is problematic, you will not be able to do anything at all with your machine.

In fact, one of the most troublesome issues with computers regards having to wait so that your computer boot up and starts working.

Solving PC Boot Up Threats Step by Steps

The first step should be to disable every single device inside your BIOS from your machine that you will not be using. Every single time the computer is turned on, it will spend too much time initializing all the devices that are present in your computer system.

Secondly, ensure that you use BOOTVIS. This is a Microsoft utility that will help to reduce the time required by your PC to boot up.

The software will examine the time and reorder the processes for booting up. It will rearrange them such that your PC will be able to read each of them faster.

Thirdly, undertake to remove any background tasks that are unwanted. These tasks especially those relating to third party tools normally reduce boot up speeds. Examples include tool bars and extensions related to Internet Explorer.

It is also important to disconnect any network drives especially in case you happen not to be sing them. These drives normally slow down your machine as most solving PC booting up threats step by steps guide will inform you.

Defragmenting the windows partition will also help you improve on the PC booting up time. This helps to minimize the activity for reading and writing performed by the computer's hard drive.

Pre- fetch folders help to bring further improvements. You will also be very well advised to enable the task scheduler in case you are using Windows XP. This will help your disk defragmenter so that it run on regular bases.

It relocated listed folders and files using any information that is made available on the layout.ini files. Finally, seeing as Windows XP shuts down so slowly, some people opt to press the shut down button. This undoubtedly brings problems with the PC booting up time.

You can solve such a problem by using the Run command so as to launch the Regedit program. Then, change the parameters for AutoEndTasks to "O" from the default of "1". This will help to considerably improve the PC booting up time.

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