PC Vs Xbox One Gaming

Whether we talk of the PC Vs Xbox one gaming, both are the gaming titans in their own sense. They have advanced hardware that makes internet gaming, more than just the fun of all times. What's more, good control is available to the gamer.

Despite being the titans, it is necessary to go for PC VS Xbox one Gaming comparison. The comparison will help you understand how the two advanced internet gaming technologies are different.

Let's start with the good common things in both gaming technologies. Both of them are using the Jaguar 8 core 1.6GHz CPU, and the graphics card used for these machines is integrated solutions. There is a comprehensive graphics solution being offered on the same chip.

PC Vs Xbox One Gaming: Making the Most Obvious Comparison

Much of the computation can be handed off to the more powerful graphics chips. This has been instrumental in boosting the performance over just the CPU's. The graphics solution available in Xbox One is Radeon 7790, while in the PC gaming, it is GTX 560 Ti.

Both gaming consoles have 8 GB RAM available and this makes them ideally suitable to play any top end game without going for anything extra. The two smart and high end gaming consoles have been designed with almost the same type of hardware and with the similar considerations - to give good control over the internet gaming.

The 8 core Jaguar CPU's integrated in the Xbox One and PC gaming consoles definitely put the gamers in real advantage. Internet games have just not taken over the 8 core technology, and it means that Xbox One and PC gaming consoles are there to stay for many years and give internet gamers more of joy and fun.

Starting with the PC and the Xbox one Gaming comparison, one thing to note here is that Xbox one appeared on the scene quite late; probably somewhere near the fall 2013. However, the PC seemed to be around on the Feb 2012. The price comparison gives a bit of credit to Xbox one just being fairly cheap as compared to the PC gaming console.

The Xbox One has smart technology that allows it to run three different Operating systems, and this gives the advantage to the end user to start switching between the programs quickly and effectively. It is in fact great source for the multitasking. You can expect considerable portion of RAM to be occupied. This part of RAM will not be available for gaming purpose by any means.

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