Building the Perfect PC

A perfect PC needs to have all the necessary components in order to function properly. With the advancement of technology there are many added components that make a PC highly efficient and faster than the traditional ones. These are some of the components that a perfect PC should have so as to satisfy all the needs of the user.

The PC Monitor

The PC monitor is one of the most important and basic PC hardware component. This is the screen whereby all the information that is taking place in the computer is displayed. It has a plastic casing that houses the controls and it is usually available in different sizes depending on the inches that one wants.

The monitor can be adjusted when one is using the computer to make the illustrations more visible. There are different types of monitors which include the CRT, the LED, LCD, Plasma and many others. They usually have different styles and features and this means that one can settle for the most preferable one.

The Perfect PC Keyboard

The Keyboard is another of the basis PC hardware components and it is an input device that is used to key in information in the PC. It has a number of keys which the PC users use to key in information with other keys that have different functionalities.

There are a variety of keyboards that have been developed gradually being modernized as the technology advances. There is XT keyboard which is also known as the 83-key keyboard. It is the oldest keyboard that was ever created and it did not have a very good design.

This keyboard was replaced by the 84-key keyboard and it was more functioning than the previous one. The 101-key keyboard was the one that followed then the 104-keyboard which is the most current one.

The Motherboard

Another perfect PC hardware component is the motherboard is the one that connects all the parts of the PC together. It contains all the logic circuits for the CPU connectors, the BIOS, the memory and all the other functions of the PC.

Without the motherboard it is impossible for any PC to function and this means it is like the heart of the computer. These motherboards come in different RAM sizes depending on the compatibility of the PC.

The hard drive is another of the basic PC hardware components that is used to store all the information in the CPU. Without this component then the PC cannot be able to store anything whatsoever. It is an important component and it also has variety of sizes.

The Mouse

The mouse is another PC hardware that is very important since it is used as the command button in the PC. It is the one that is used to navigate through the computer machine and without it then it would be really slow to operate the machine.

The CPU is another component that processes all the information and this means that without it then the PC is as good as dead. It is important for any PC to have all these basic components in order to function as required since if any of them is missing then the whole PC can not function.

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