Sager Computers

Sager computers is sager midern computer, Inc., is a computer manufacturer specializing in laptop computers. The company is publicly referred to as Sager Notebook Computer, as shown by their website. Sager laptop computers are produced by Clevo that happen to be also marketed under a number of other brands. Sager is the greatest Clevo dealer.

They're freely identifiable for their top quality gaming laptop computers. Even so, they provide a wide selection of solutions, including remedies for cellular gaming, video enhancing, and business software.

As well as promoting physical equipment, Sager computers also provides full support and maintenance solutions for all those Clevo based Laptop computers. This support is provided even when the laptop computer wasn't bought via Sager, even though if that's the case the consumer should pay fully for all those solutions supplied.

Even though the business offers laptop computers via its own web site, additionally, it utilizes numerous merchants who promote the laptop computers with the Sager brand. Here is a review of one of their notebooks which is the SagerNP5791.

This product was released around 2007 to 2008 (this is expected to be lower with the specs from a new line of laptops of today). The Sager NP5791 is a top 17-inch high end notebook computer using the Intel Santa Rosa system. It's created for video gaming and attributes the modern Nvidia video cards.

Sager Computers Layout and Build

There's no question that the Sager NP5791 isn't any common notebook computer. It is just a distinct departure from the market trend of shiny plastic material and vivid colors. The NP5791 is often a matte-surfaced black color notebook with orange colored trim tapes.

The rear of the cover is a piece of clean lightweight aluminum and the top of the cover is a strip of black polished plastic material. The plastic material on this specific notebook computer is without question thicker compared to what can be found on popular notebook computers.

There won't be any noises made once the case is tapped and no rumbling can be experienced - while touching on the left palmrest there's no sense of rumbling on the right. The computer's case is so strong it seems like the interior of the chassis is a strong block of wood. It is basically difficult to distort the case. Flex does not exist - the only method to have any of the places on the top of the case to move was by placing unusual pressure onto it.


The Sager NP5791 is accessible with two types of monitors - a matte solid color WSXGA plus a shiny WUXGA. WUXGA is the top available image resolution on a notebook computer. The NP5791's superb screen is certainly not short of remarkable - movies, games, pictures, and text look sharp, evident, and precise.

Colours appear off the display and contrast is great. During high light circumstances the illumination is a lot more than sufficient - it really is nearly too vivid in a dim room. Light loss is minimum, with just a bit coming from beneath.

It is just obvious when looking at a black color display. Side-to-side watching angles are close to ideal and the vertical is excellent - the image just flushes away a bit. From underneath the display darkens and to less degree than expected.

For a notebook computer screen the NP5791 is certainly among the finest you can see. Five years ago Sager computers were part of the best notebook providers around the world. Now, it hasn't made any noise just yet. However that doesn't mean that the producer would stop. There may be strong competitors like Alienware and ASUS but Sager computers has already made a mark in the gaming PC scene.

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