Unseating CPU Fan

Unseating CPU fan steps. There are times that you will need to remove an old CPU fan either for replacement or for repair. Many people find unseating a CPU fan quite a challenge. Here are the top ten steps for unseating any CPU fan for replacement or repair.

Unseating CPU Fan Step by Steps Guideline

  1. Unseating CPU Fan First step, turn off the computer and disconnect it from the power supply. Also, disconnect the power supplying cables and other connection cables from the CPU back including the mouse, monitor keyboard among other peripheral devices.
  2. Then, determine the type of fan in your CPU as there are some fans that which are screwed onto the CPU and other use plastic clip to be attached on the CPU.
  3. Remove it from the motherboard in case it is attached to it.
  4. In case the fan is being blocked by a power supply, remove the power supply by removing the screws which secure it to the case holding the power supply. Remember removing the screws do not mean loosening them.
  5. Next, unplug the fan connector from the CPU. Locate the heat sink and remove the fan from it by simply releasing the tabs found on the heatsink securing it heatsink to sockets.
  6. To lessen the effort, you can lay the CPU on the side to have the motherboard facing upwards.
  7. You may need to use some force in pulling off the fan where it was latched onto. Sometimes it may feel like the fan is still holding onto the place, but you only require to apply some force to unseat it.
  8. At this point, you will be able to replace the old fan with a new one. To attach a new fan or re-attach the old one.
  9. You will need to first attach it onto the heatsink then attach the heatsink to the socket, secure the tabs. Next, connect the fan onto the motherboard. Replace the power supply and secure it to the case.
  10. Then, get the CPU cover and place it onto the back of the CPU, align it properly and secure it with screws.

There are some computers with very small CPU cases that make them a little challenging to work on. Usually, these kinds of computers have a number of devices latched onto the CPU on almost the same location and this may mean that you have to unplug a number of them to get to the fan.

This may at times lead to loss of the smaller components used to attach the devices onto the CPU, therefore, it is important to do one at a time if you do not have a place to put them.

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