Work Inside the Computer Case

How to work inside the computer Case, Computers are becoming a necessity in modern day lives. They are used for learning, doing business or for leisure.

Nowadays almost every home has a computer. Opening the outer case or cover of a computer is mostly a reserve for people who have a knowledge of the functioning mechanisms. However, there are some things that necessitate the user to open the case. These include:

How to Work Inside the Computer Case tips Guide

  • When the computer accumulates a lot of dust and needs some cleaning - Just like any other electronic dust can fin its way inside the case
  • When you are adding memory - Memory upgrades are done to improve the speed
  • Replacing simple components - Some components like the fan are easy to install since it involves clipping only.

Whenever you want to work inside the computer case, the first thing you are supposed to do is to make sure the computer is turned off and all cables unplugged. Before opening the case, always remember that your body may have static charges that could destroy the computer.

Make sure you have an anti static strap that is fitted to your body, preferably your wrist and then connected to the wall. The strap acts like an earth by discharging the static charges to the wall. If you do not have a static strap touch the ground with your hand. This also discharges your body.

Once you open the case according to the model of the computer, blow the dust away using a blower or compressor if you wanted to clean the inside. Never use water or any other liquid inside the case.

In case you wanted to replace a component or add memory you should also first blow away the dust, then locate the component you want to replace. Softly remove the component making sure you do not touch the the circuit board or the processor. Once you have added the component carefully close the case, plug the cables and torn on the computer to test if it is working properly

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