The Blue Screen of Death Is not Something to Be Scared About

The blue screen of death is not new for us when it comes to dealing with troubleshoots of our personal computers. The blue.screen.of.death or also better known as BSoD is deemed by many as an "error screen" wherein the Operating System halts for an error.

The blue.screen.of.death shows that there is an error in the computer. This blue.screen.of.death is only applicable in computers that have Microsoft Windows as its Operating System. It does not matter if its Windows 97/XP/Vista/7. This blue screen symbolizes that the OS has been crashed.

What Causes Blue.Screen.of.Death?

For one, virus and worm attacks are the main reasons why computers crashed. Maybe because the computer has been affected so adversely with viruses that suddenly its system crashed. This means that the computer's anti-virus system and security shield cannot contain anymore the damage brought by the viruses. Hence, the blue.screen.of.death.

What to Do When the Blue.Screen.of.Death Occurs?

First, do not panic. The blue screen of death is just normal among computers when there is an error in its operating system. This can be managed and can be solved using certain programs for recovery.

The recovery disk is very useful when situation like this occurs. Such will restore the operationalization of the computer and to retrieve files affected by the system crash.

This just shows that the blue.screen.of.death does not really mean "death." Still, this can be solved if the damage is not that extensive. Meanwhile, this will also serve as a lesson for everybody.

Because there is such a thing as blue.screen.of.death, it is best to use good anti-virus program and a strong shield system. Also, it helps if one has basic knowledge when it comes to troubleshooting.

This will make the recovery of files and restoration of system easier. Also, when it comes to blue.screen.of.death occurrence, it is best to consult computer experts to handle the situation. This applies specifically to computer owners who do not have knowledge about computer system and troubleshoots.

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