Building a PC Power Supply

Building a PC power supply is very easy provided you have all the required equipment and necessary expertise. It is therefore needless to say that coming up with your power system requires you to collect all the tools of trade in one place before embarking on the building process.

You will be required to have a processor and cooler, a motherboard, hard drive, video card, sound card, an optical drive, power supply unit, computer case and an operating system.

There are other things you will also require like screwdrivers which are also very important in your work thus never ignore them. When buying these equipments, start with the most important ones.

This will however depend on your financial ability but if you are able you can buy all of them in wholesale and cut on some costs. Now that you have all the required equipments, look for a spacious ground where you will work from.

The ideal one should be large enough to allow you spread all the system's parts easily and with little or no disturbance. Be warned that static power can cause damages to these parts therefore stay far away from anything that might expose them to static power.

When it comes to building a PC Power Supply process, begin by installing the motherboard only after you have clearly read the instructions in the manual and understood them well.

They will guide you on the best way to fix in place all the components of the motherboard like memory modules, processor and heat sink and once they are in place you can put it into the case.

The next step on building a PC power supply; you embark on is making the PC power supply connection. Since cables to be used are very many be careful not to get confused in the process and connect them wrongly.

For systems that come with colored cables it will be easy to connect because you will match them as per their colors but if yours are not colored they might confuse you on where to fix which cable thus you will have to consult the manual once more for direction.

Never connect anything without being sure as it might damage the system completely never to function again. You can then close the case and connect the monitor, mouse, power cable, Keyboard and any other hardware to the system for a trial run.

If the PC Power Supply system fails to start then begin the process once again and be keen to notice where the problem is and fix it. On the other hand, begin installing necessary drives into your computer immediately the system starts functioning and switch it on to check on its set up whether it is what you wanted or not.

If your computer is working well at this point proceed to make other installations like windows and network until all that you want in your system is well in place. Your power supply is now ready to use with your computer and you need to keep on checking it for any defaults and fix them immediately.

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