How To Fix Errors and Speed Up Your Computer Running Slow

Is your computer running slow? It is so irritating when you have loads of work to do yet your computer is as slow as a snail. It takes what seems like minutes for your computer to open up a document.

Worst still, just activating your cursor takes like forever. The main reason for this is the presence of viruses in the computer, of which there are available anti virus software to clean up the mess.

However, there are some more reasons resulting into such conditions. In the following article, we will be looking at some of the advisable tips that you can follow to clear up this mess. These guidelines when followed correctly will bring back the speed needed for you computer. The very first tips on how to fix error and speed up your computer, is to empty the trash box.

This is a very easy task. All a person is required to do is to click on the recycle bin available at the desktop. Choose the option that tells you to empty it, by clicking the empty button, what was inside the recycle bin will automatically be deleted.

The presence of so many files and documents at the bin could be the reason for the slower speed of the computer. The next step is to do away with temporary internet records present in your computer.

It is also a very simple, free exercise that can be done by a clean up software available in the internet. All you have to do is to inform internet to delete the temporary files. Just go to tools and follow simple instructions that will be provided to you.

From tools click on the internet option, followed by advanced tab. From here, check on the tab named empty temporary internet files; follow it by placing a check beside it. The final task is to click ok and all your temporary internet records will be deleted.

It is also advisable to limit the number of icons at your desktop. This is because; the speed needed to freshen up the available number of icons at the desktop equals that needed to start the computer. Just create a folder for unnecessary icons at the desktop. At the same time it is recommended that you remove unneeded files present at the system dish.

These programmes tend to hinder with the memory capacity of the computer during the start up sessions. The goal is to prevent them from loading up during this process, thus contributing to slower start up of the computer.

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