Desktop Computer Buying Guide

The amazing desktop computer buying guide tips and tricks. With the popularity of laptops, desktop computers have been widely dominated. However, they were the first computers to be used on planet and still they hold grounds on personal computing.

Desktop Computers still have the greatest versatile and upgradeable components thus are still the best choice for persons who would not wish to move around with their computers. Desktop Computers are highly customizable and therefore, before you decide to buy one, there are certain aspects that you need to educate yourself on in terms of components and even the level of performance. Take a look at this desktop computer buying guide:

1. Monitor

This the window through which you will view what you are doing on your desktop and so you have to select a bigger one that is the best for media watching and that will also enhance multi tasking.

2. Operating system

This is the foundation of all the software of the computer. Currently there are three main options of Windows, Linux and Apple's OS X which you will have to choose from depending on what you intend to do with your desktop.

3. CPU

This is the Central Processing Unit, which acts as the brain of your computer. In determining the best, you will have to analyze each by looking at their frequency/ speed, cache, cores and the brand.

4. Memory

Also known as the RAM, the memory of the desktop is important in determining the performance and can be very useful when you are operating software that is so demanding; the bigger or larger the RAM, the greater the performance.

5. Hard Drive

This is where all your data is stored in the desktop. It does not have to be one and they vary in sizes so in case you have a lot to do, you can as well buy another one.

6. Optical Drive

This device enables you to play optical disks like CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray. It is also important in installation of various programs in your desktop.

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