The Importance of External CD DVD Drive

The amazing importance of external CD DVD drive reviews. When buying a new netbook, I always consider of purchasing as well an external dvd drive. This kind of drive is very important for a computer user like me.

I am happy with my netbook because it is handy and I can do my tasks using it anywhere at any time. Because it does not include a built-in cd dvd drive, I buy an external one instead.

An external cd dvd drive is very useful for the following reasons:

1. I can always watch my favourite cd/dvd movie anytime I want to using my external dvd drive. If I need time to relax after hours of working with my netbook, I just grab my external cd-dvd drive and insert it to my netbook. With a dvd movie at hand, I watch enjoyably the film while taking a break from work.

2. Another advantage I see with my external dvd drive is that I can easily install programs in my netbook. Although there are installers now available online, it is best to have the original cd installer. Most of these downloaded programs over the Internet have expiration date since these are just in trial version.

3. Also, I can easily configure and troubleshoot my netbook using my external dvd drive. Using my system recovery disk, I can easily configure or reformat my netbook in case of system problems.

4. Last but not the least, I can burn cds with my external dvd drive. These cds can either be souvenirs for certain special events or for storage of other files such as photos and references materials. Most of the time, I burn cds when I make back-up files.

I find it very important to back-up my files in the netbook especially that I am always online. I am prone to virus attacks despite my strong anti-virus program and system shield; hence, I practice it to back-up my files all the time using my external dvd drive.

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