How to Repair Dvd Power Supply

How to repair dvd power supply tips and tricks. There are a number of factors that can cause Dvd power supply errors and that call for thorough inspection in order to determine the root cause of the problem.

Once an error has been revealed, it becomes easier to repair your Dvd power supply. A faulty fuse can disrupt normal Dvd power supply. In this case, it is essential to get rid of the faulty fuse because it can also blow up other Dvd components. Replace it with a new one and ensure it is well fixed to avoid other possible errors.

After replacing a faulty fuse, it is also important to wire up power from the main Pc power supply. Wire up an ATX power supply and then an AT unit. Most importantly, ensure the pins used are the right ones because it only takes the right pins for an ATX to function well.

Additionally, ensure you fully understand the model of your Dvd and follow the DVDs modding scene. This is because most modern Dvd players basically use a PC DVD drive.

You will have to find the main source of power to the system so as to use the correct AC Voltages when repairing it. The wires that connect to the systems audio should also be well connected. In most cases, the wires are clearly labeled in white, black and green for easy connectivity.

In this relevance, black colored wires should not be a cause of alarm because the power supply does not have an AC power needed for the wires. You also need to wire up AT supply to the Dvd player and ensure the voltages are stenciled onto the boards.

When fixing the problem, it is also very important to do fix the screws so as to put the Dvd back to its original form. Do not leave anything hanging because hanging wires can blow up the Dvd player.

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