Gateway Laptop Motherboard Turning Itself on and Off Repairs

Just like any other laptop or electronic device, Gateway laptop motherboard can develop a problem of switching on and off unexpectedly. This could be as a result of several hard to tell errors that could either be from inside or outside.

Repairing such problems is not easy but diagnosing the basic errors and then making an attempt to fix them is the first step towards solving the problem once and for all. First of all, make sure that your power source of your laptop gateway motherboard is in place.

Also, check your, laptop's AC power adapter to see if it is off or unplugged from the power socket. If the battery is dead, your gateway laptop computer motherboard will be on and off depending on the amount of power supply.

Gateway Laptop Motherboard Power Repairs Tips

Sometimes it is good to try the adapter into different power outlets in the house to see if the problem lies with the power outlet and not with the gateway laptop computer motherboard or the adapter.

If you find that the power outlet is completely in shape, then try listening to the laptop, if it sounds as if it is running, then just know that your motherboard or the LCD screen has a problem.

If you can't hear any running sounds of a fan, then you need to replace the fan. Your laptop needs to cool off after sometime and if the cooling fan is spoilt, it will definitely affect the normal functioning of your Gateway laptop pc motherboard.

Your monitor could also be the problem. It is therefore important that you test using the VGA connector cable. You need to insert the able into your laptop though one of the ports and then plug the other end into another monitor.

Then, switch on both the external monitor and the laptop to see if the external monitor will light up. If it lights up, then know that the problem lies with the LCD screen. This will require you to purchase an LCD screen that is compatible with your Gateway laptop computer motherboard.

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