How to Disable the Splash Screen

There are several ways through which various people are able to know how to disable the splash screen. However, before you get to know how to disable splash screen, it is also advisable that you get to know what really a splash screen refers to.

In fact, this is a very important aspect here because when you have got the best understanding of a splash screen, you are able to easily know how to go about disabling it without any problems. A splash screen refers to the image or the text that you are able to see on the screen of your computer each and every time that you start a program.

In most instances, the splash screen shows the logo of the program that you are opening. This means that there are different kinds of splash screens sine every program has got its own logo that sets it apart from the others.

Today, almost all applications have got splash screens since they have got numerous uses including advertisements and notification for the launching of the program. A splash screen covers the entire screen or just a section of the screen, often at the center.

A splash screen is a notification that a given program is launching and will begin within a short time. In fact, the splash screen only takes a few seconds in order to appear. Splash screens have got progress bars that indicate the loading process of the given program that you have opened on your computer.

Whenever the main window of the application that is being opened appears, the splash screen disappears. Because of the animations, graphics and sounds that are included in splash screens, they may not be quite appealing to a variety of people. Besides, the splash screen also tends to slow down the boot process of your screen. This is something that you may want to avoid in future.

Steps on How to Disable the Splash Screen

In case you are not impressed with the splash screen, you can be able to disable it in the most effective way. In case you go by the steps that have been highlighted herein, you are able to take between three to five minutes in order to complete the process.

In fact, it may even take less time since you already have information on what a splash screen is. Below are some of the steps that should guide you on how to disable the splash screen sucessfully:

  • Begin the process by clicking the 'Start' button followed by 'Run.' This will show up a search box into which you will need to type in the phrase, 'command.' After typing the phrase, press the enter key. This action will load the System Configuration Utility program. In order for you to avoid any issues in your system, ensure that you do not make any changes to the System Utility Program. The main reason for this is because the utility controls a variety of startup activities other than just the splash screen.
  • The next action that should take is to click the BBOT.INI tab. You can find this tab on top of the window of the System Configuration Utility. On this window, you will be able to see a checkbox just next to NOGUIBOOT, check it and then click OK.
  • After undertaking the above actions, the computer will prompt you to restart on its own or Exit without Restart. Exit without Restart means that the computer will close the window and allow you to restart so as to effect the changes. Whenever you restart or the computer restarts on its own, you will be able see that the process of booting is faster as a result of the disabled splash screen.

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