IBM Computers

IBM computers just like all other computers in the world, show some commonly occurring problems. These problems are as a result various reasons. These could be the user's inability to properly use the machine, a simple disconnection, carelessness and things like that.

Rarely are these problems as result of a major flaw in the manufacturing process. Luckily, almost all these common problems have simple inexpensive solutions that almost anyone can apply.

IBM Computers Common Problems and Solution

  • Failure of the computer to start this is one of the most common complaint among IBM hardware computer users. First, ensure that both the computer and the screen are properly supplied by power.

    Ensure the power adapter is switched on too. If it's an IBM laptop you are using, ensure that the battery is properly fixed. You must also ensure that the monitor is properly fixed into the computer and into the proper port that it is supposed to go into.

    Check the brightness and resolution of the computer to ensure that it is not set too low. Check the monitor to see whether it smells of burnt plastic.

  • Loud unusual noise from other than the speaker- this is usually as a result of fan failure or hard drive failure.
  • No network First, turn the computer off then on again. If the network still doesn't seem to work, do the same to the router. Check with the neighbor to check whether the network signal is generally low. In case it is not contact your network provider for help.
  • Printer not working Check to see the printer is properly plugged on and it does not display any error codes. If the printer is on a network check if the network is okay. Restart the printer and if the problem persists, restart the computer.
  • Computer has slowed down this could be as a result of too many programs in the computer, fragmented data, corrupted registry or spyware. Clean up your registry and check the system for virus.

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