Dell Laptop Computers Freezing, Start Up Error, Blue Screen Fixing Guide

Dell laptop computers rank among the most popular of all laptops. However, these laptops sometimes have their own issues. To this end, you can rest assured that one of the most frustrating ways in which the computer will not start revolves around when you encounter issues during the startup process of your computer.

On the other hand, Dell computers laptop will sometimes freeze when the splash screen of window comes up. In such a case, it is highly recommended that you restart your computer manually. However, it may sometimes freeze again or your computer may restart again automatically even after windows has started loading. This causes a reboot loop.

There are other times when the computer stops. You will be able to move the mouse around. However, nothing will happen and you will be left stranded. Then, the blue screen may come up. If you have been facing all these problems, then you will need a freezing, start up error, blue screen fixing guide for your Dell computer laptop.

The first step will be to restart the computer. Many processes will go on within your computer whenever you start up windows.This is why you should restart your machine to ensure that everything works, as it should.

You could also opt to repair the windows installation on the Dell laptop computers. Windows will sometimes reboot automatically or freeze up when it is starting up because some important files are missing or were damaged.

Finally, when Dell computers laptop start displaying these common errors, you may sometimes have to restart windows while using the last know excellent configuration. If this fails to work, restart you machine in the safe mode before using the system restore in undoing any recent changes to your computer. When you machine starts, scan it for viruses and clear the Dell computers laptop' CMOS.

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