What Causes Dell Laptop Display to Freeze Up

Finding out what causes dell laptop display to freeze up guide. Sometimes, you will realize that your dell laptop display will freeze up and the cursor will stop moving and you do not know the cause of this.

Basically, a computer will freeze up when all activities that take place on the screen are stopped. It can also occur if you are running more than one antivirus programs on your laptop. Freezing up may be of the two main types. These are;

  • Freezing of all the programs. This is usually inclusive of the mouse and keyboard.
  • Freezing of one program

One of these or even both of them are very common with majority of laptop dell computers. However, there are several means that can be used to solve the problem. For instance, you can try moving the pointer or mouse across the laptop display.

If the mouse move, then it is very likely that the freezing is caused by the locking of one program. In case the mouse fail to move across the laptop display, then the freeze up may be as a result of locking up of more than one program.

To end this, you can press the alt key followed by another press of down arrow for some minutes. In case this does not end the freezing up of your laptop display, then it means that the entire system is frozen.

This implies that there is a lock up of all of your laptop's programs. As such, you have no alternative other than shutting down your laptop. You will have to do this by pressing its power button and holding for about five seconds.

Ensure that you only release it when the laptop has shut down. Then restart your laptop. This should end the freezing up problem. Otherwise, if the problem continue even after the restart, it is advisable to use the troubleshooting wizard of the operating system.

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