IDE SATA Problems

The amazing guide on how to solve your IDE SATA problems solution guide. While most of the old systems used IDE hard disks, the new ones are available with the SATA disks.

The only way the users can differentiate these devices is by checking the type of connector they come with, as they have different types for power and data. This difference makes it impossible for the users to use the wrong drive.

How To Fix IDE SATA Problems

The SATA drives come with power cables that are wider as compared to the data cables and the IDE power cables. These cables comes with yellow, red and black wire while the data cable consists of one wide ribbon, it is important for the clients to keep in mind that, replacing an old SATA drive with a new one might be difficult and they may end up with hard disk problems. After they have replaced the SATA drive, IDE SATA Problems: they might notice that it does not boot reliably.

There are two reasons for this: One; the drive has not been recognized by the BIOS of the computer or, it is incompatible with its controller. When this happens, the users must make sure they have the compatibility jumper, which will make the drive work as desired.

In case the SATA drive powers up, the users have to check the data cable, which may either be bad or not properly fitted on the drive or the motherboard. In case the clients are using two IDE drives using a single cable, they must make sure the computer system has a proper way of setting them apart. They only when they can do this are by using jumpers on these drives, setting one to the master and the other to the slave.

It is important that the users learn how to differentiate the two jumpers so that they have an easier time troubleshooting the process. Most SATA motherboards are designed with both primary and secondary interface for IDE hard drives.

This means that they clients do not need to use both drive system. In such situations, the drive from which the system boots is the master on the primary IDE interfaces.

In case the users want to use another IDE drive on the same cable, they should set it as the slave. With these simple steps, the users will be in a better position to fix the different IDE/SATA problems. There are quite a number of sources of information to help users fix these problems and it is a good idea for them to check out a number.

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