IT Support Tools

Guidelines for the amazing IT support tools. Properly maintained computers are efficient and last longer than the ones that are poorly maintained or not maintained at all. In the current world of high advancement in information technology, it support-tools are very important for any organization

This is because they help professionals manage the organization's computers or offer support to computer management applications. Best support IT tools help in development of softwares and testing.

IT Support Tools include the following:

  • Beta test manager: This support applications such as Security self help group, configuration manager for desktop, and Stanford desktop tools. This tool allows beta, beta 2 and alpha to join formal test groups.
  • Test validator: This support configuration manager for desktop and security self help tool. It enables the tester to confirm registry values and configuration settings to ensure that they are modified properly by the application being tested.
  • VB Script signing: This is a general purpose support tool. When you write scripts which can be run on windows, VB script signing will make their signing easier. It also generates basic code which can be included in projects which are to be run on VBS scripts.
  • Visual studio: It is also a general purpose IT tool. It enables computers managers create empty visual studio projects of c standard. However, Visual studio do not allow one to create standard c program templates
  • DCM best practices:This support desktop configuration manger application. These enable computer managers to publish and document configurations which they want to have applied on their computers. This makes it possible for the configurations to be reviewed by others.

These are just some of the best support IT tools which computer managers can use to facilitate their computers efficiency. Others include OS X Auto updater, Self Extracting Installer from Stanford University and Bug Reporter. All these are available for Macintosh and windows OS but they can be stated otherwise.

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