Main Components of a Computer

The main components of a computer is made of several parts combined together. Each of the parts plays a distinct role that contributes to the general performance of the computer.

A computer is actually a system composed of many parts that work together. It comprises of the hardware, which is the physical part, and the software, which tell the hardware what to do.

Top among the main components of the computer is the central processing unit also called the processor. This can be referred to as the heart or the brain of the computer. It is actually the most important part of a computer.

Main Components of a Computer Guidelines

The more powerful the processor the more powerful the whole system will be. To know how powerful a processor is you consider the clock speed. To be able to choose the best processor you should carefully its rate. This is because clock speed alone may not be enough to give you the exact power of the processor.

Some modern televisions and microwaves contain them too. Another important component of the computer is the motherboard. In most computers, the processor, the memory and most other components are connected on to the motherboard.

Other computer components such as the external storage, video and sound controllers may be attached to the motherboard through cables or through plug-ins.

One important component of the motherboard is the chipset, which provides the supporting interface between the processor and the buses as well as the various external components.

To a large extent, the chipset determines the capabilities of the motherboard. The other important component is the memory. This also influences to a large extent the speed of the computer.

The random access memory is the temporary workspace that the processor uses to store and manipulate information. The hard disk on the other hand is the main storage memory of the computer if you intend to use many applications then you will need to have a larger hard disk.

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