Motherboard Parts and Functions

The motherboard parts and functions best review. The motherboard is the most important component of the computer as it houses the electrical circuit, the processor, memory as well as all the other hardware of the computer. The types of motherboards include:

  • ATX (Standard motherboard)
  • ITX
  • BTX
  • Extended ATX

Understanding Motherboard Parts and Functions Guidelines

The following is a list of all motherboard parts and their functions:

  • PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Slot - These are the slot which you use to attach Sound cards, Modems and Ethernet cards

  • AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) Slot - This slot is used for attaching the Graphics card that are used for display

  • Processor Socket - This is a socket where the processor or central processing unit is attached. The socket could be either Intel (for Intel processor) or AMD (for AMD processors).

  • CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semi conductor) Battery Compartment - Used to store data about time and date settings when the computer is shut down.

  • Memory Slots - This is where the modules of the Random Access Memory are attached. There are single or dual memory slots for SIMM and DIMM memory respectively.

  • Power Connector - This is the main power inlet into the motherboard. It fetches its power from the Power Supply Unit outside the motherboard.

  • IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)/ATA (Advanced Technology Attachments)/SATA (Serial ATA) Interface connectors - These connectors are used for connecting the motherboard to the Hard drive.

  • Floppy Drive Connector - For connecting the motherboard to the Floppy drive
  • PS/2 Connectors - For connecting PS/2 mouse and keyboard

  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) port - For connecting USB mouse and keyboard as well as any other USB device like the USB drive

  • Game Port - For connecting devices for plating games

  • Display Connector - Connects the CPU to display cable that runs from the monitor display unit

  • Sound Connectors - These are connectors that connect the computer to sound devices like speakers, microphones and other multimedia devices.

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