PC Grinding Noise

PC grinding noise in pc are a common occurrence. The noise may occur intermittently or continuously for a long period. Many people find this kind of noise irritating and fear that it could result to malfunctioning of the system or a system crash.

However, grinding noises in computers can either be lethal or just simple faults that even the user can correct. Whichever the case, there are a number of things that you should know about this problem.

Once The Grinding Noise is Heard, a user is advised to troubleshoot the system in order to determine where the noise is coming from. One of the major causes of grinding noise on the computer is accumulation of dust inside.

In case dust accumulates inside the casing of the computer, it usually attaches on the fans and the drives. This may cause the grinding noise. As the fans try to rotate, they are slowed down by the layers of dust inside leading to the noise.

This kind of noise usually stops at some point. However, it is important for the user to confirm if the noise has stopped because the dirt has reduced or whether the affected fan has stopped working. The later is very dangerous and if diagnosed the computer should be shut off immediately to prevent further damage.

The Cause Of a PC Grinding Noise

The one major cause of a grinding noise on the pc, one which could have adverse effects is if the noise is coming from the hard drive. This is usually accompanied by a light on the hard drive itself.

If this is observed you should be very cautious and seek the help of a professional since the hard drive can crash, resulting to damage of all the data stored in it. Grinding noise in a pc is not something to play around with and if noticed, necessary precautions should be taken immediately.

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