PC Making Noise

Is your PC making noise? Noise arising from a pc is a sign implying that a device in the pc is not functioning as required. Noise may occur in two ways. You may experience the noise only for a short term or the noise could be prolonged as long as the computer is on.

This will guide you to determining where the fault is and thereafter how you can deal with it. When you experience noise on a computer only for a short time, then it means that there is a hardware device that you are accessing which is making that noise.

Is Your PC Making Noise?

Therefore, the first thing you have to check is whether there is any hardware device that has its lights on. This is simply to troubleshoot. However, when the noise is occurring as long as the computer is on, it is more difficult to know where the fault is.

Some of the devices that could be causing such noise include; the hard drive, disk drive, floppy drive, fan, speakers, power supply, monitor or the modem. Check each of these hardware devices at a time and isolate the one that is faulty.

It is important to note that noise from your pc does not necessarily mean the pc is at fault. For example, the disk drive usually makes a soft, shallow noise when being accessed.

Similarly, the hard drive also makes a low noise when being accessed. Other devices that usually produce normal noises include the modem and speakers. However, normal noise in a pc is usually moderate and hot high pitched.

In case any device makes a rather loud, unfamiliar noise then there is a problem with one of the devices. Make sure you locate the cause and take the necessary precautions to avoid further damage. You can even decide to seek the services of a qualified personnel.

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