PC Power Supplies Failure

PC power supplies failure troubleshooting guide. Many computer users are frustrated when their systems experience complete loss of power. When such a scenario occurs, the users should troubleshoot the PC to find out the cause of the power supplies failure.

The advantage is that the process is simple, although it may take sometime depending on the cause of the power failure. One thing they need to keep in mind is to ensure that they have switched on the power switch and button on the computer as this can save them from the time-consuming process.

PC Power Supplies Failure And How To Troubleshoot It

In case the switches and buttons are on and the system is not powered, then the users need to verify that they have correctly set the voltage switch of the power supply. This is important because if the voltage of the power supply does not match the voltage setting of the country the users are, the computers will not have any power.

The other main cause of power supply failure is a defective or loose cable. Computer users should ensure they have checked if the cable is well connected to the source of power. They must also ensure it is operating as desired.

Users must also make sure that the power source is working properly, because if it does not, the computer will not turn on as required. Confirming that the power source is operational, the users should use testing deices such as multimeter.

They should not only test the power outlet but also the, surge protector as well as the power strip. In many cases, the power supply may be faulty and the clients need to test it.

Users can use several devices such as the multimeter, whose voltage should be set on the same level as that of the power supply. Those with ATX power supply can use the tester meant for it. This device comes with to power resistors that are connected to the GND and +5. It is an inexpensive option and does not need to be connected to other devices.

In case the users notice a high pitched noise, an ozone smell from the power supply, with no power at all, they should disconnect their systems and skip the test because this is an indication that the power supply is faulty.

When the power supply does not pass the tests, users are asked to replace it correctly. The process is simple and easy for any user to carry out. Choose a power supply that has adequate voltage to handle the pc's operations.

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