Power Supply Multimeter

Power supply multimeter test guide. As one of the two ways to test the computer power supply, using a multimeter is easy and quick. With this device, the users will be able to know whether their power supply units are in good working conditions or need to be replaced. One thing the users need to keep in mind is that the process may take sometime, usually between 30 minutes to an hour.

Before they start any process, the users are required to read the safety tips on PC repair because they will be dealing with high voltage electricity as they troubleshoot the units. With these tips in mind, they should then turn of their computers, disconnect them from the power sources and remove all external devices.

Power Supply Multimeter Testing Guideline

It is also recommended that the users choose a good working flat space that is non static, to make the process even easier. The next step is to disconnect all power connectors from all the internal devices.

To easily do this, the users should use the power supply unit as the base, and follow each cable to the internal devices. It is not necessary for them to remove the unit from the computer, neither should they disconnect the data cables or others that are not connected to the power supply unit.

Once they have done this, they should turn the power supply multimeter on and set the dial to the VDC setting. In case the multimeter does not have this feature, they should set its range to 10.00v.

The first step is to test the motherboard power connector. Users are asked to test every pin on the motherboard to ensure that they have the proper voltage and that they are terminated properly.

They should document the result indicated on the voltage testes to ensure that it's within the tolerance approved. In case they are outside the approved voltage tolerance, they should replace their power supply.

In case the power supply unit passes the test, the users should continue testing it to ensure it can effectively operate under a load. With these simple steps, the users will be able to determine whether they need a replacement of the power supply unit or not.

Once they have completed the testing, they must make sure they have tuned off the pc and unplugged it before they replace the cover over the case. If the power supply is function or they have bought a replacement, they should make sure they turn on the computer to start using it or proceeding with other troubleshooting for the problems they encounter.

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