Test Your PC Memory

Test your PC memory guide. When your computer experiences problems like beep codes, random crashes, reboots and program installation failure, chances are there could be a problem with its Memory.

This calls for a solution to help testing your PC Memory and this could be through software programs available in the market or online for free as well as a hardware testing tool. To swap the memory, there are steps to follow as indicated below:

How to Test Your PC Memory Step Guidelines

  • Following a 30minutes process, download the user guide and Memory Diagnostic
  • If your computer has a Memory problem, it will be indicated
  • Download the software program to your computer
  • Put a floppy disk or blank recordable CD into CD-R drive
  • Double click on the file and follow instructions to reboot your computer with the blank CD
  • This will be automatic and the computer will give directions to proceed and complete process

RAM testers are software designed to do an automatic check on your computer to replace the irreparable Memory damage. This software will function on different programs. The Memory diagnosis programs should be able to check any problems with your memory and the memory testing is usually repeated until the problem is cleared.

Once it is stated that the computer has a Memory problem, simply proceed and download the software following directions as given by the computer. Clicking on the right button should give you yes and no options to follow. Microsoft gives free downloads for different windows applications.

Finding the right version for your computer Memory is a first step. This will give you appropriate options to give you comprehensive RAM testing and support. For purchased software, there are indicated instructions to follow. The procedure to follow is similar to the above mentioned for most software downloads unless stated otherwise from the computer hardware shops.

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