Troubleshooting Touch Screen

Troubleshooting touch screen tips and tricks guide. If a A mouse TouchPad or touch screen does not work, here are some things you can try....

Troubleshooting Touch Screen, Mouse & Touchpad

  • Check that the touch screen cable is connected to the PC and Device Manager recongnises the device with no errors.
  • Examine the screen for excessive scratches. Too many scratches might mean the screen needs replacing. Instruct the user to only use fingers or a stylus approve by the touch screen manufacturer on the screen. Also, check with the touch screen manufacturer to see if a screen protector is available.
  • Examine the edges of the touch screen for crumbs or other particles that might have lodged between the touch screen grid and the monitor screen. You can use a clean and dry toothbrush to gently clean around the edges of the touch screen to dislodge these particles.
  • If the touch screen is not accurate, recalibrate the screen. See the touch screen Documentation for instructions. If the monitor screen resolution needs changing,follow instructions in the touch screen documentation to know howto do this.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the touch screen under Windows.

If the mouse or touchpad on a notebook computer does not work or the pointer moves like crazy over the screen, do the following to troubleshoot the device.

  • Check the mouse port connection. Is it secure? The mouse might be accidentally plugged into the keyboard port.
  • Check for dust or dirt inside the mouse. Reboot the PC.
  • In Control Panel, open the Mouse applet and verify settings. Note these settings apply to a mouse on any type computer as well as a touchpad on a notebook computer. To update the mouse drivers, click the Hardware tab and then click Properties. On the mouse properties window, click the Driver tab and then click Update Drivers.
  • Try a new mouse.
  • Using Device Manager and the Add New Hardware icon in the Control Panel, first uninstall and then reinstall the mouse driver. Reboot the PC.
  • Reboot the PC and select the logged option from the startup menu to create the Ntbtlog. txt file. Continue to boot and check the log for errors
  • For a notebook touchpad, was an external mouse connected to the notebook when It was first booted? Check CMOS setup to see if the touchpad was set to be disabled if a mouse is present at startup.

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