How To Install Window 7

If you have chosen to use window 7, it is important to install in the right way to use it effectively. The steps that one needs to follow include: First, one needs to back up the data on the machine.

This is very important because if anything was to happen to the machine, one would still have all the documents they need without a problem. This can be done on a different part of the physical drive or one can purchase an external disk to copy the vital files. Second, one needs to choose the versions they are most comfortable with.

After this, individuals are advised to start the installation process by reading all the instructions found on Windows 7 installation DVD. This is usually a very simple process as all one has to do is insert the DVD in the tray and restart the system. During the booting process, one is instructed to press a key that will boot from the DVD or CD.

Window 7 Installation Steps After Building Your PC

This is an important step as it permits Windows to load the files before the installer launches. Choose the language you prefer using and click on the icon that reads install now. Make sure you accept the license agreement from windows and select the custom install option. Choose the destination where you want it to be saved. The 4th step involves in window 7 is the completion of the installation.

This is where one is asked for the computer and user name making networking much easier. Individuals are also given the option of creating passwords for the accounts they will be using to make them more personal.

The system asks for an activation key although one can skip this for up to 30 days. One is also prompted to choose the settings they want to use and first time users are advised to use the recommended settings.

Here one chooses the time zone they are using and sets the clock and one can begin using the newly installed windows. However, it is important to note that the window 7 installation process does not stop there as one needs to install drivers the system needs.

This is done by installing the NIC or motherboard drives before loading the necessary drives. With the video card, it is important to install the drives manually. The Windows update usually finds the right drives for the GPU but most of the time they are usually not up to date but one can use the ones that are available.

It is also vital to configure the account control settings as this helps to get rid of the prompts that ask someone whether they really want to install something. This also helps to boost security and one can work without being interrupted by the pop up alerts when trying to install a program. One can also disable the notifications by using the lowest setting on the UAC. The final step is to restore all the data if it has been transferred to another drive. Make sure all the important data is copied so that you can use the machine without any problems.

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