ATX Cases For PC Building

Preparing ATX cases is the most important thing to do before you can start thinking of how to build your first PC. When preparing them, you will have to open it and you can do that in two main ways that is clip and screw access.

If yours has clips then it is very easy to access both the back and sides as clips are well designed and adapted for that but for those that use screws you will have to look at the case keenly so as to notice where they are.

Remove the screws very carefully and then get the casing out. Furthermore, there are several steps that you can follow to prepare your case before building your PC which will be discussed in this article.

Whether your case is new or old, make sure you clean its inside part thoroughly using a wet rag or even compressed air and if the power supply fan is dusty use the rag to clean it.

The power supply must in addition be well and firmly fixed to the case as well as set as per the appropriate voltage in relation to the area you are in. If you are in a foreign country then inquire from the locals about the voltage that they use.

When you set your case at a higher voltage it might blow and if it is very low it will fail to function well therefore ensure it is appropriately set to be on the safe side.

Even though many atx cases come with power switches connected to them it is good that you check yours to be sure that it is well in place. Ensure wires used for connection purposes are well insulated because it is dangerous to leave them naked.

The next thing you need to do is install the feet and these are used to support the case when on the table or anywhere you have placed it.

There is also the need to install a case fan for air circulation purposes in the case. Be careful not to put it wrongly because it will draw air in the opposite direction but if yours comes with an already installed case then you have nothing to worry about.

Remember to put a filter in the fan for filtering any dust that might find its way to the case. The LED usually works in a very different speed with that of your case thus it is important to configure it so that the two can work harmoniously.

Although the configuration exercise may require an expert you can perform the task on your own through using the manual that comes with the case. Finally, you will have to make the drive bays free so that you can successfully install the drives that you want in your case.

Once you have settled on the right bays to use you will have to remove the metal plates and make working on the bays very easy and with that your atx cases will be ready for you to build your first PC.

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