Things to Consider When Making a PC Case

Things to consider when making a PC case tips guide. PC cases come in all shapes and sizes. They are readily available in stores at very affordable prices. However, if you want to build your own there are a few things you need to put into consideration.


You should first consider the material you are going to build the case out of. You should choose material that is non flammable and can also withstand the heat generated by the computer. Wood or metal would do just fine. Make sure that you obtain material of sufficient quantity before you begin building your case.


It is always good to have a sketch of your PCs layout. You will need to determine what parts you will need to install in the case and where they will go. This will help you create sufficient space for all the components of your PC.


A typical PC case usually has shelves that hold the hard drives and optical drive. Make sure that the shelves are of the right size. You should also factor in the number of drives you want your machine to run now and in the future. Leave enough room for expansion.

Things to Consider When Making a PC Case - The Ventilation

Make provisions for holes that will allow sufficient air circulation in the case. Computer chips generate a lot of heat and therefore require constant cooling.

Peripheral Devices

Ensure that your case has openings for connecting your peripheral devices. These include; keyboard, mouse, printer among others.

Screw Holes

Some components require you to screw them to the case. Make provisions to have holes of adequate size to do this. Parts that may require to be screwed to the case include; power supply and the mother board.


Finally ensure that you make room for a door for your case. The door should be easy to open to enable you to access the internal components of the PC easily. Making a see through door will give your PC a stylish look.

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